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The Business of Fashion – Creative Development Business Consulting

For many designers the creative side is the easy part, but the business side of launching a new collection and moving the business to the next level is often the overwhelming part. You are about to go into a new season are you ready? Do you have wholesale/retail line sheets, marketing materials, have you priced the collection, is the collection one of a kind or available for multiple ordering per style and fabric? These are just some of the important questions you need answered.

Are you looking to launch a new fashion business or expand your current business?

Showroom77 offers consulting services to help you answer, and prep for these questions and more to help take your collection and business to the next level.

Showroom77 consulting services are designed to help take your business to the next level and get creatively organized.


Consulting Service Outline:

  • Brand Development: marketing, packaging, re-branding
  • Business Development – budgeting, business organization, production planning, protecting your investment, service pricing
  • Provide referrals for marketing needs




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