Urban FLRT Launches new mission “FLRT”

Latest News:  URBAN FLRT launches new mission &

product line “FLRT”


Freely Living Real & True™ (FLRT) is a developing concept, that when realized, will convey the message of empowerment across the globe.  By using a fun yet thought-provoking acronym our goal is to bring people together through the universal desire to freely live one’s life to the fullest, living through truth, and facing life challenges through empowerment.

FLRT is all about living a life that is of your own free will and living a life that is genuine, true, and done in earnest.  FLRT represents living the best life you can live and striving to be and do the best.  Being true to who you are and being authentic makes a true FLRT stand out amongst the crowd.

If you already FLRT or are just starting to embrace FLRT, share with others your desire to FLRT by wearing a FLRT Shirt. By wearing one of our shirts you will help develop the Freely Living Real & True™ (FLRT) concept into a message that has global meaning and impact.  Your engagement will help drive a greater movement to encourage people to Freely Live Real & True.

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