The Must Paris Collection

Showroom77 welcomed The Must Paris Collection from Lebanon available to retailers and private clients, which was  presented through the showroom for its U.S. debut at Philadelphia Fashion Week on February 25, 2012.

THE MUST, is the brand of the Lebanese designer Tarek Khairallah. His dresses have a unique feminine identity; they are elegant and refined with vaporous fabrics and astonishing embroideries.

The success is such that THE MUST is displayed in the best international multi- brands stores in Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia.

The brand’s trademark is a glamour and very feminine look due to the exclusive selection of colors, shapes, embroideries. All the clothes have a meticulous and delicate work. The styles are all hand made. The technique, the modeling and the quality of the finishing have made the brand’s success. The glamour, the luxury, the inspiration, the art and the research make a remarkable collection full of emotion.

THE MUST style can be described as timeless, devoted to glamorous and modern women. Our collections reflect since its creation, a very “fashion” style, a mix of luxurious materials, amazing colors and a perfect fit.

The collections are a real interaction between the “French chic” and the “bohemian style”. Our fluent silk dresses make the happiness of feminine women worldwide.


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